Worktop and countertop configurator for manufacturers

Resales and customers can configure kitchen and bathroom countertops with an ease.

Our countertop configurator software offers a wide range of material options including granite, quartz, marble, solid surface, and laminate. Users can choose from various colors and patterns to match the overall design of their space. Additionally, our software allows for customization of size and shape, as well as various edge profile options. The software also includes functional features such as the ability to create cutouts for sinks and cooktops, and provide a 3D visualization of the final product. Users can also get a cost estimate for their designs and save and share them with others.

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  • Add and place countertops
  • Define measures and features
  • Choose extra machining such as connection drillings etc
  • lifted back wall and sides for advanced designs available
  • any custom feature can be added

Pricing and surface models

  • Automated pricing and product validation


  • sink and cooktop placement
  • add textual model information to a sink and cooktop
  • assign edge machining procedures
  • multiple countertops in one design
  • + more

Order or request an offer

  • Detailed Form
  • Summary PDF
  • Structural pictures and BOM for factory