Steel hall configurator for manufacturers

Industrial warehouse configurator. Let your customers make the design and get better sales leads.

Elevate your business with our state-of-the-art Hall Configurator, the ultimate lead generation tool for your website. Designed to captivate and engage, this software seamlessly integrates into your site, inviting potential clients to design and visualize their own steel hall structures in a dynamic 3D environment.

Our intuitive interface empowers visitors to select dimensions, roof styles, and wall claddings, while offering real-time rendering that showcases their design vision instantaneously. This interactive experience not only increases user engagement but also encourages customers to take the next step in the sales process by generating personalized inquiries and business leads directly through the platform.

Behind the scenes, our configurator is more than a design tool—it’s a sophisticated analysis engine. It calculates materials, costs, and compliance with building standards, providing your clients with detailed, actionable information. Your sales team can then follow up on these inquiries with precise knowledge of the client’s needs and preferences, leading to higher conversion rates and a streamlined sales cycle.

Implementing our Hall Configurator on your company’s webpage turns casual browsing into a compelling call to action. It’s more than software—it’s a digital salesperson, working around the clock to turn prospects into profits. Transform your online presence with this innovative solution that blends technology with business acumen. Start generating quality leads and closing sales today.

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Design Interiors

Roof Accessories

Expand With Your Own Library


  • Walls and ceilings, PVC, steel and sandwich-panels
  • Measures: width, height and depth of the building
  • Insulation style matching the need
  • Roof styles: pitched, pent, flat
  • + much more

Doors & windows

  • Choose span and place items
  • Sectional doors
  • Windows and personnel doors
  • + much more

Colors and Accessories

  • Colors for walls doors flashings and accessories
  • Rain water system
  • Roof windows and PCV wall lights
  • Solar panel placement + calculator

Customer Cases

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Steel Hall Configurator

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Steel Hall Configurator

Australian Temporary Structures

Steel Hall Configurator

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New Zealand Temporary Structures

Steel Hall Configurator

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HTS Industriebau

Steel Hall Configurator