Custom-made configurators

We design and produce custom configurators using our flexible platform.

Understanding customers’ business and production processes is a key factor creating a great configurator in several ways:

Requirements Gathering: When a software development team understands a customer’s business and production processes, they can more accurately gather requirements for the software. This can lead to a better understanding of what the software needs to do, which can result in higher quality software that meets the customer’s needs more effectively.

Design and Architecture: Understanding a customer’s business and production processes can help a development team create a software design and architecture that is better aligned with the customer’s needs. This can result in software that is more efficient, easier to use, and more reliable.

Testing: When a development team understands a customer’s business and production processes, they can create better test cases that more accurately reflect the customer’s usage scenarios. This can result in more thorough testing, which can help catch bugs and issues before the software is released to the customer.

Overall, understanding a customer’s business and production processes can lead to a better alignment between the software and the customer’s needs, resulting in higher quality software.


Define structure

  • Modules
  • Rules for configuration
  • Surfaces and colors


Configurator Features

  • Choose the features from the list you will need for you configurator


Send your enquiry

Send us your info and we will prepare an offer for you!

Start selling your products

  • Easy to give access to anybody. Works directly in a browser. No plugins needed
  • Give a link and login credentials to your resales network
  • Put simplified version directly to your website for lead generation

Proven to work



  • User can build and modify your modular products online
  • User can try and change colors and features
  • User can be a b-to-c your existing customers or your own designer in a studio

Design validation

  • Tool will prevent designer from making mistakes in the design or making non valid structure

Contact and summary

  • all information will be sent to the factory Email
  • BOM and pricing
  • link back to the design


  • detailed reports from sales and offers
  • detailed BOM from sold items
  • browse via date and reseller